Editors note: this episode originally should have been released last weekend and slipped through the notifications un-noticed. Enjoy the double hit of Hammerlock Hangover. 

With the recent announcement of Ring of Honor's impending doom, we bring you this week's episode early to discuss this news. How did ROH wrestling get to the point of letting go of all their talent? What factors played into this? We also break down AEW and WWE's roles in this. Where will all the ROH talent go in 2023? Who will buy the ROH tape library? We also discuss the latest news on the Becky vs Charlotte news... Seth Rollins in the New #1 Contender to Big E's championship... Brock gets drafted to Smackdown only to be suspended. We review NXT Halloween Havoc and why it doesn't appear to be a Ron Breakker's time yet. We break down IMPACT Wrestling's Bound for Glory event... New Champions galore! Should so much ex-WWE talent have gone over? We also analyze the new IMPACT Digital Media Championship and have a few laughs in the process.

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