Well it’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!? It’s an all new episode of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! And the final show of 2021! As Jimmy T & Chris Ambs are back at it once again! Except this time they are joined by the “The Vet” and he ain’t just any vet? He is someone that was under the tutelage of one of the greatest minds and teachers in professional wrestling! None other than RIP RODGERS!! A former worker himself. The vet has one of the best minds when it comes to pro wrestling! And today you’ve probably heard him co-host such shows as The NXT Level podcast with Big Ray Hernandez! Also The Impact Attack with Colin Wysong! And also makes appearances on the Smack Attack And also Destino With Dr Michael Jargo! Which you can all find on the Hamin media group! But now the vet makes his long anticipated debut on the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! As The Vet joins Jimmy T & Chris Ambs, in reviewing aew’s Wednesday Night Dynamite! 

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