Well it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means? It means we finally get a new episode of the PWC Tuesday Night Conflict! Right here on the PWC Network! And on AtMark.com! Tonight’s hosts are noe other than Jimmy T from the PWC! And also fellow PWC member, Jeff Lippman who’s the host of The hammerlock hangover and also the garden of doom! Are your hosts for the evening where the boys not only review Wwe’s nxt 2.0! But also touch on why  the demos don’t really matter? And Jeff tells you why…also the boys talk garden of doom! And give you a preview on what to expect on the show? All this and more! As them boys of the PWC brings you another edition of the PWC Tuesday Night Conflict 2.0 Right here on the PWC Network! And also on atmark media! 


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