On tonight’s episode of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! It’s Jimmy T and Chris Ambs back at the helm! As they both review this past Wednesday Nights Dynamite! They also talk if comedic wrestlers can be taken seriously as world champions? Also the boys debate if triple h is truly the game? Or just a c minus champion? Chris talks about going to his first ever professional wrestling event in North America! And that event is FULL GEAR! As he is on location in Minneapolis Minnesota! But this ain’t just any skirmish!? This episode is a special treat! Because not only are you getting the PWC Wednesday night skirmish!? But you also get the debut episode of the professor’s perspective! With Chabelo Vera Cruz! As the perspective has finally come back to the PWC NETWORK! In a special 2 for 1 Episode of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! Right here on the PWC NETWORK, THE PWHUSTLE NETWORKS, and also on ATMARK MEDIA! 



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