What do you get when you put together the hammerlock hangover,  The Blow off! And the PWC When they all join forces? You get the 4 pillows of wrestling Podcasts! As we come to you with a special edition of the Wednesday Night Skirmish! As your hosts Jimmy T And Chris Ambs Also welcome Jargo from atmark media/hmg and Jeff Lippman From the hammerlock hangover! On a all new edition of the PWC Wednesday night Skirmish! In a special live episode! As the boys join forces once again in reviewing aew’s Wednesday night dynamite! You won’t believe what the 4 pillows of pro wrestling podcast have to say!? So get comfortable and relax! And get that cup of joe! With an all new episode of the Flagship show on the PWC Network! THE PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! 

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