RBV & Jargo are back with Season 2 Episode 36 of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast powered by The ROAR Network at thegorillaposition.com and presented by #HaminMedia. This weeks episode is the biggest show in the history of HTM as we welcome not 1, not 2, but 3 special guests on the show. On this weeks episode: 

- NFL Week 1/Bengals Go 2-0
- The Bears Still Suck
- Ratings From This Week
- 4 Huge Events This Weekend
- NJPW Global Announces 'The Wire' 
- Will Kurt Angle Ever Be Back?
- Jericho vs The Draw?
- The Villain Takes A Bath?
- Cody vs Tama Tonga In A Twitter War
- The Australian Sensation: Craven
- Hell In A Cell Preview!
- Ring Of Honor - Death Before Dishonor With ROH World Champion Jay Lethal 
- Battle On The Border with owner/promoter Denim Blevins

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