Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Who Wants to Make a Deal?" Contract Talk. Wrestling's Movers & Shakers. WWE Fan Quality Index. Introducing "The Year of The Australian Sensation Craven."

This week on the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast Jargo & RBV are talking about the great war to come as it pertains to promotional positioning in the world of pro wrestling. Plus the first installment of an awesome new segment, " The Year of The Australian Sensation Craven."

On the Run........

- Are the WWE Die Hards their their own worst enemies? How they need to expand their minds. Running the typical WWE fan thru the Fan Quality Index.

- If wrestling had an off season it would be this. Jargo & RBV run through the latest contract talks and examine pro wrestling's movers and shakers.

- Dem HTM Boys provide the quickest and least painful WWE review in the history of podcasting.

- The Australian Sensation Craven joins the show for the first of twelve installments in which we document his world travels and wrestling adventures throughout 2019.

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