Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Brandi is More Over than Kenny." Fans Turning on AEW. Dynamite Set to Explode. NXT Going to the Next Level. Death Before Dishonor. RUSH, Dragon Lee & CMLL. News from New Japan. WWE Flipping the Universe Upside Down.
Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey are back with another thrilling episode of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast. 
On this Week's Run....
- Just Days Away from Their TNT TV Debut AEW is Making Major Headlines and Some Fans are Extremely Unhappy with the Company.
- Here Comes the Wednesday Night Wars. Dem HTM Boys Examine what Each Show is Bringing to the Table during Week One.
- News from ROH including a Complete Review from Last Night's Death Before Dishonor Event. 
- Get Up to Speed with the Latest News Involving RUSH, Dragon Lee & CMLL. Featuring Inside Information from lastwordonprowrestling.com correspondent William Alicea.
- News from New Japan. What to Look Forward to during the Fighting Spirit Unleashed US Tour. Plus King of Pro Wrestling Conversation. 
- Major Shake Ups are Happening Inside the WWE Universe. Jargo & RBV Preview Next Weeks Major Moves.
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