It's another loaded card on this weeks Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast. Jargo had call it on the fly with two incredible interviews that were booked on short notice. Like the pro he is Jargo knocks it out of the park as he sits down with Thuder Rosa and then Rory Coyle.

On the Run........

- Defiant Wrestling's, Last True Sick Boy Rory Coyle takes us on a rather unique trip into his psyche to learn what makes this hot up and coming star tick.

- Jargo also sits down with women's wrestling sensation Thunder Rosa. They talk about her rapid rise in the business, Lucha Underground, Stardom, WoW, and Women of Honor.

- Jargo & RBV preview NXT TakeOver Phoenix. #DIY the Belt Collectors. Belair Paving a New Direction. Undisputed & War Raiders Preparing to Steal the Show.

- Dem HTM Boys then turn their attentions towards the Royal Rumble event. Could Finn Shock the World? The Man Ready to Stand Tall. A Rather Beefy Men's Rumble Match.

- Plus Rousey's Contract, Impacting Wrestling Departures, the AEW Threat, WWE Worlds Collide Tournament and NXT UK Coming State Side.

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