Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Funny Don't Make Money." Does Comedy Belong in Pro Wrestling? AEW On the Go Home as We Gear Up for Full Gear. New Japan Set for a Showdown in San Jose. World Tag League, Back Again, Check It to Wreck It, Let's Begin. The NXT Juggling Act. Survivor Series Hype.
Dem HTM Boys, Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey are back once again with the latest installment of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast. 
On this Week's Run....
- Comedy in Pro Wrestling. A conversation about Orange Cassidy spins off into a topic of its own as Dem HTM Boys debate the value of comedy spots and/or acts in pro wrestling.
-  AEW on the Go Home. Did they sell Full Gear? Cody's Game Changing Promo. Video Packages. Use of Social Media.
- New Japan News. Coming to America gain. World Tag League duos announced. How does the field stack up?
- NXT Pulling Double Duty. The Golden Brand trying to sell two marquee events. Where is Regal? How does the Brand move forward?
- Survivor Series Hype. Turn your brain off. Big match conversation.
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