Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Listen & Lead." Is CM Punk a Sellout? White Guys Talking #ForTheCulture. Arn.0. Ring of Reset. World of Wednesday Night Warcraft. Surviving Survivor Series.
The Chill has Settled In Here in the Mid West but Dem HTM are Here to Get You Fired Up. It's the Latest Installment of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast w/Michael Jargo and Ric Vickrey
On this Week's Run....
- It's Clobbering Time! Digital & Social Media platforms exploded this past week when CM Punk "unexpectedly" debut, on behalf of Fox, on WWE Backstage. Did Punk sellout? What would a return to ring mean for the Straight Edge Superstar?
- Playing the Race Card. ACH continues to blast WWE over racial issues. Beyond his personal problems could WWE effectively use real life race issues in their storytelling? If so, who should lead the way?
- King vs. Kaufman... Arn vs. Tosh. Jargo & RBV are loving the entertainment world's hottest viral feud. 
-  Updated ROH Final Battle Card. Is ROH on a reset mode?
- Who is Winning the Wednesday Night Wars? How was this week's Dynamite? NXT pulling double duty. Did you know there is a TakeOver coming up?
- Getting Ready for the Survivor Series Go Home. What's the point? Where do the Brands go post Thanksgiving?
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