Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: “The Executive Vice President.” AEW…AEW… AEW… The All Elite Hype Machine Rolls On. The WOW MAGA Movement. Blood Money In The Bank. Seth Rollins Needs To Slow It Down. Frustrations With WWE. Plus An Exclusive Interview With Women Of Wrestling’s Selina Majors.  

On the Run........


- The Seacrest of Pro Wrestling is at it again. This week Jargo sits down with WOW Trainer Selina Majors. They discuss WOW’s incredible success, the dynamic personas and talents on the roster and Miss Major’s adventures in the world of Pro Wrestling.


- All Elite Wrestling continues to be the talk of the town. Jargo & RBV provide a full analytical breakdown from the AEW’s MGM Press Conference. Find out what the event was really about.


- WWE’s Fourth Quarter Number are in and it seems Blood Money is Money in the Bank. RBV is ready to roll out the red carpet for the Saudi Prince.     

- The Hart Foundation is heading to the Hall of Fame. Are these the correct gentlemen to represent the faction?


- The WrestleMania season injury bug. Marquee players Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks the walking wounded.


- Frustrations with WWE. Eighteen Superstars in Two Chamber matches is no excuse for a weak undercard. RAW is 1994. Where is Asuka? SmackDown Live takes a Presidential butt kicking. Introducing the Executive Vice President of WTF?!?  
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