On our 118th episode we start off looking at WWE talent being scared into staying with the company and and issues Impact Wrestling has been having when it comes to paying their talent.  Was Vince legitimately surprised by the success AEW has had so far?  All Out sells out in 15 minutes.  Then would WWE be crippled if the relationship with the Saudi's turned sour?  HHH teaming with The Club for the Japan tour, good or futile attempt to enter the Japanese wrestling market?  What does Karl think of Orange Cassidy now that he's watched some of his matches?  What promotion puts on the best wrestling product for the first half of 2019?  Then in our Showstopper Segment, is it finally time for a wrestlers union or some type of governing body to watch over the wrestlers safety and to make sure they are compensated fairly?  Like, share, and enjoy.

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