It’s Wednesday! And you know what that MEANS!? It’s time for the 2 Greeks from each end of the planet!? You heard right!? 2 Greeks! In an all new edition of the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! And while Chris Ambs is still on location in Mexico Looking for El Generico!? Jimmy T takes the reigns as host! As Jimmy T is joined By The BIG FELLA Himself! Pw-Hustles And HMG’s own Big Ray Hernandez! As the boys kick back and shoot the shit, about not only wrestling!? But life in general, and how to catch cheaters!? And how not to get busted!? Also the boys talk about meeting their heroes and what it means to them? Oh and the boys talk aew dynamite! Join us in a record breaking edition of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! In a sometimes heart felt yet funny show that you sure won’t want to miss! Also look out for an all new edition of hogans corner! Right here on the PWC Network! 

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